Lovers of sport and recreational fresh or saltwater fishing will find the perfect spots to practice their hobby in the city of Biograd. In the city’s hinterland, just five kilometres from the city, lies one of the biggest Croatian lakes and parks of nature – the Vrana Lake. Since seawater penetrates into this freshwater lake, it is rich with both freshwater and marine species. Freshwater species include eel, freshwater blenny, carp, Prussian carp, common rudd, catfish, northern pike and eastern mosquitofish, while the most common saltwater fish are mullets. Fishing on the lake requires a special permit license, and, since this is protected area, it is forbidden to fish at night. Prime fishing spots on the lake is the channel near the auto camp, as well as Prosika, a channel that connects the lake to the sea. There is also a small harbour and a visitor info centre.
Those who prefer saltwater fishing can choose between angling and spear fishing. You can engage in recreational and sports fishing/angling anywhere in the Biograd area if you have obtained the appropriate licences and if you respect seasonal restrictions and prohibitions for fishing on public beaches, small ports and harbours. The same rules apply to the neighbouring islands and islets which don’t fall into the category of special protection like national and nature parks. Fishing in the area of nature park Kornati falls under a special regulation which restricts recreational fishing to the local residents and then with limitations as to the amount of fish caught. Still, there are plenty of other islands and islets in this rich archipelago. You can find a great variety of fish there: gilt-head sea bream, Atlantic bonito, dentex, various small pan-fish, European seabass, cuttlefish, squid, octopus and many others. It’s important to note when the season for a particular type of fish is open or closed. The best time for fishing is early morning when the sea is calmest, so many fishermen take their boats to sea early before dawn in hope of a good catch.
Spear fishing is a topic for itself. It is considered to be an exceptional skill and can be called the queen of fishing. The fishing laws impose many limitations in this sport. For that reason, fishermen can take a maximum of two spear guns with them; they can only catch at daylight and only by free diving or breath-holding. That means it is prohibited to use diving gear which you can’t even have on your boat. There are plenty of undersea fishing sites since the archipelago abounds in uninhabited islets and reefs with a seabed rich with fish. Legal restrictions are in effect for the area of National Park Kornati.
Big Game Fishing, catching tuna and other big fish like swordfish and sharks, provides an adrenaline rush for many fishing enthusiasts. This combination of exciting entertainment and sport is undertaken on high speed power boats into the open sea, and it is organized by several agencies in Biograd.