If key factors like beach vicinity, pine forest camping, clean and uncluttered environment, and good facilities determine your choice of a vacation campsite, then you will certainly find one that fits your taste among the camps in Biograd. A great number of campsites are located along the road that goes from the city centre toward the sandy Soline Bay. Some of them are located along the lower side of the road, so that they are next to the sea, while other campsites are on the upper side of the road, which is only a short walk to the most popular city beaches.
Camping Park Soline is a four-star campsite located in Soline Bay right on the beach. It features 850 plots, of which there are 350 with complete plug-ins, 400 camping places with plug-ins and 100 plots for mobile houses. It is well-equipped with all the necessary amenities from sanitary facilities to shopping and entertainment, keeping in mind various needs and lifestyles of each camper. It can be argued that this campsite has one of the best locations on the Adriatic overall because it’s located by the sea and from there you can take a 10 minute walk down an attractive promenade to the city centre. Its location makes the camp very popular, so the guests who may prefer more solace can choose between smaller campsites situated along the Soline road. These are camp Biograd, camp Dijana& Josip and camp Mia, as well as the Mediterranean Village San Antonio. Camp Biograd is a classic trailer camp with plots for tents and campers. In addition to trailer plots, camp Dijana&Josip and camp Mia also offer a possibility of renting mobile homes and bungalows. The Mediterranean Village San Antonio is a beautifully designed village with 75 stone houses arranged along 17.000 m2 under the shade of pine trees. All the campsites are for the most part opened from the beginning of May to the end of October, or even longer.
For those who prefer a more tranquil holiday and wish to avoid summer crowds, the best time to arrive is in May and June, or in September and October when the temperature is mild and it isn’t too warm. On the other hand, those who prefer a hotter ambience and the excitement of summer, shouldn’t miss out on coming for vacation in mid-season during July or August when the guests have a wide variety of activities such as various entertainment workshops, events, numerous sports activities, and of course, enjoying the warm sea-water.