The Regional Museum

Regional Museum of the city of Biograd on the sea is an independent cultural and regional museum. It stores valuable monumental heritage of the rich regional and coastal history.

Former royal residence of Croatian emperors in the 11th century is located on the sea front in the city centre. The building that houses the museum, being a cultural monument itself, was built out of ruins of medieval ramparts in the late 18th and early 19th century. It was used for a long time as a District Court established during the governance of the Emperor Francis Joseph I in 1876.

The Regional Museum holds:
- Archaeological Collection
- Collection "The Treasure of a 16th century Sunken Ship"
- Ethnographical Collection
- History Department
- Collection of Fine Art Paintings

Visitors tend to be particularly interested by the cultural history collection “Treasure of the a 16th century Sunken Ship”, a one-of-a-kind collection along the Adriatic. Ten thousand objects taken from a sunken Venetian ship of the 16th century are kept in it. A Venetian merchant ship, crammed to the gills with various kinds of expensive goods for trade around the ports of the Mediterranean, was sunk in 1583 in the Pašman Channel, nearby the islet of Gnalić, a few miles to the south of Biograd. For almost four centuries, the priceless treasure was hidden at the sea bottom. It was accidentally discovered by a Murter-based fisherman in 1967. Since then, several expert marine archaeological investigations have been carried out, providing a multitude of objects of incalculable value. They document the factual culture of a relatively new epoch, concerning which knowledge has mostly been based on written or visual sources.